Ami/Zoi erotica

Ami yanked on the laces one last time, ignoring the blaring rock now echoing from the closed bedroom door. Her hands ran along the leather, admiring the fit, but she wiggled a bit as the g-string felt strange. She didn't wear thong underwear, as a general rule, and found the thin piece of leather in her ass, different. She bent over and picked up the discarded whip, then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"He's my plaything, my slave, he will lick my boots, and my ass, and any other part of me I so desire." She repeated the phrase twice, each time in a louder tone. Her voice hardened and her eyes snapped open, glittering with blue fire. She was ready.

She slammed the bedroom door open, and stood still for a moment, crop in hand, and enjoyed the baffled, startled look on Zoi's face. He was naked on the bed, one arm thrown carelessly over his head, and his eyes had been shut. Now they were wide open and admiring the view. Then he smirked. Ami decided she'd had enough. She marched over to the stereo, admiring the way her high heeled boots clicked on the floor. The rug in front of the entertainment system muffled the noise and she kicked the offending covering out of the way. A single push and the music stopped.

"Turn that back on, sweetheart, I was enjoying that." Ami smiled and swept the handcuffs from their place in the basket of toys on top of the entertainment case. She turned around swiftly.

"You, boy, will address me as mistress. And I don't care what you enjoy." She marched forward, enjoying the dark look in Zoi's eyes. He reached for her arms.

"Now, let's not take this too far...." His words were cut off as she expertly flipped him onto his stomach, twisted his arms behind his back and slapped the cuffs on. The whip came down on Zoi's backside and she idly admired his muscles as he lurched into the air at the impact.

"Naughty boy, you will listen to me." He was thrashing now, desperate to turn over, but Ami had reached around the four poster bed and found the ropes Zoi kept stashed there. In a trice he was hog tied to the bed, face down. And he was spitting mad.

"This isn't funny, Ami. Untie me right now."

Ami laughed, the sound dark and almost nasty. The crop came down on his rump again, and again he lurched upward, although the ropes shackling him to the bed and the awkward bend of his handcuffed arms limited the movement.

"Mistress, my name is Mistress." She moved closer, leaning so she was by his ear, her short, silky hair brushing against his cheek and shoulders. "Do you remember, slave, the first time you tied me up." She brushed a hand down his back, her fingers meeting a fine sheen of sweat that had gathered in the crease of his spine. "You made me scream for three hours before you put me out of my misery and fucked me senseless. I never did thank you for that." Zoi gulped loudly.

Her hand trailed lower and brushed over one firm cheek. She mentally told herself that she needed a pair of gloves to go with this magnificent outfit. "You put your fingers in places I'd never dreamed, made me beg for things I didn't understand. I was an innocent little virgin the first time, and you made love to me like an angel. But the second time you fucked me like a whore." She stood up and walked away from him, humming a soft tune under her breath. Zoi's breathing had become shallow and rapid and the sweat continued to bead on his body.

"Tonight, my little slave, you will call me mistress, and you will be the one begging, and I will do things to you you've never dreamed of." She turned around and smiled grimly. "And I'm sure, like every good little slave, you'll love it."

She lifted the crop and brought it down on his ass, watching the flesh redden, hearing him swearing at her in colorful and very different phrases. His body jerked with each stroke and from her view at the foot of the bed she could see he was very aroused.

"You like this, don't you, slave? Tell me you like it." Zoi growled low in his throat.

"I will get you for this, bitch." Ami stopped and climbed onto the bed, one knee on either side of his slightly spread legs. She dropped the crop and traced patterns over his reddened flesh, then moved one hand between his legs and wrapped her hand around his penis. He was keeping his entire body stiff. Ami stroked gently. Then a single finger made it's way up into his cleft, and slowly pressed against his opening. He moaned then, a half strangled sound of pleasure and anger.

"You know you like it, you little man-bitch. Beg me. Call me mistress." Her voice was low, husky, her hand still stroking his shaft. He was moving with her now, lust overtaking the anger. His body tightened, like it always did before he found release. But she stopped, moved away, and left him panting.

"Bad boy, you have to beg for it, my little slave." She moved beside the bed, where he could see her if he turned his head. She ran her hands over the leather, over her body, cupping her breasts.

"Do you like what you see?" One hand drifted lower, pushing the hard fabric of the g-string to the side, slipping into a tiny patch of whacked off dark curls. "Did you ever want to watch me pleasure myself? Do you wonder what I like best?" Her fingers stroked over her slit gently, the middle one slipping between the folds. Zoi's eyes glazed, but he didn't look away, couldn't look away. Ami moved her hand faster, twirling one nipple between her fingers.

She started breathing heavy, her legs shaking, and she propped one leg on the bed, narrowly missing Zoi's thick arm. His breathing soon matched her own, and as her eyes glazed over and she started moaning, he spoke.

"Let me up sweetheart. Untie me and let me fuck you. Please, baby." It was somewhere between a whine and a moan. Ami opened her eyes, looked him straight in the face and came. Her entire body shuddered and Zoi could see the liquid now dripping from her fingers. Her body calmed and she moved forward. She rubbed her soaked fingers against his lips, trembling as he licked them clean. Then her eyes hardened again. She marched over to the basket of toys, the click of her heels on the floor strengthening her resolve.

She grabbed a tube of lube and a large, slightly arched vibrator. She covered the toy in slime and turned around. Zoi was twisting on the bed, frantic to see what she was doing. She moved foward, kneeling like she did before, one hand moved to caress his thick erection, and the other flicked the on button. Zoi thrashed like a fish. But with his arms behind his back, and his body tied to every bedpost he couldn't escape. The implement slid in swiftly and Ami didn't do it gently, instead she thrust, hard, and Zoi bucked and moaned.

"That's it, my little slave, take the whole thing." She moved the vibrator in time with her hand on his cock. He groaned and cursed and sword eternal revenge, but Ami just laughed and pushed it deeper. "You know you like it, bastard. Tell me you like it and I'll let you come." She altered the pressure, the stroke, keeping him just on the edge of orgasm. Finally he broke. "Please, Ami, please." Ami dropped his dick, moved her hand backwards, and smacked his still red ass. "I'm mistress, it's please mistress." Zoi gulped and complied, and Ami returned to her ministrations. Zoi flung his head backwards as he came, covering the bedsheets, growling like some kind of wild animal. And then he went limp.

Ami wasted no time, she knew what he was like after orgasm. In less than thirty seconds he was on his back, arms recuffed over his head, hands retied, and his ass lying in a pool of his own come. His eyes opened slowly, still hazy with lust.

"You're a bitch, you know that?" Ami smiled, a wide feral smile.

"Why thank you, I learned from the best."

She stood and slid her g-string off slowly, every wiggle designed to capture Zoi's attention. "And now, my little slave, you are going to pleasure me." She crawled over the bed, over his body, and turned around so she faced his dick. The crop was clenched tightly in one fist and she lifted her crotch over his lips. The whip came down with a sharp smack across his left thigh and he yelped. "Now, slave."

Zoi didn't fight this time, but lifted his lips to the offered treasure licking and sucking until the crop fell on the bed and Ami was shuddering above him. Finally she moved forward, lowering herself over his thrusting member and rode. She slammed backward against his body, always stopping after an orgasm, but before he came, again and again she repeated the motions until he was moaning, begging, pleading for release. "Yes please, mistress, make me come." Ami leaned forward and he felt the sensation of the vibrator in his ass again. He started moaning and Ami sat up, taking him deeper. They came together, screaming. Ami slowly lifted herself off Zoi's body, her expression soft now. She moved towards the bathroom door, unlacing the bustier as she went. Zoi watched her leave and lay there quietly for a moment. Finally his brain caught up with reality.

"Wait a minute, aren't you going to untie me?" There was a long moment of silence and Ami's head peeked around the door.

"In the morning."

She slept on the couch, a satisfied smile on her face, he slept on the bed, covered in semen with a vibrator still lodged in his ass. And he planned revenge.



Evil very evil...I like the mention of the basket of toys. It more than suggests that yep they have quite a collection and that they use them often...

sigh and now I want to know what his revenge was...although her's was certainly sweet. I can almost imagine her being sweet and unassuming the next morning when she has coffee with her friends...little do they know of Mistress Ami! Fun Smut, thanks, Rora.

2005-08-13 7:18 pm

En En

Mmmm :) You know what's funny? I've been trying to read this since you posted it. Who would've know? Sweet Ami and her bad, bad ways. Although I suppose it's all due to Zoi's influence. Ahh, definitley worth the wait! :)

2007-06-11 8:59 am

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